NFS Maker Tool

What's NFS

NFS (Non-Fungible Story) will be minted as “Story-Cassette-like" tokens that can be sold, rented, and used in collaborations. Users can insert the "Story Cassette" into "HypeGear" to experience stories, games and events, as well as earn rewards.

The HypeSaints team will continue to release fresh "Story Cassettes" of the main HypeSaints plot. By exploring "Story Cassette" of the primary storyline, holders will obtain treasure chests, achievements, NFTs, and token rewards.

Holders will also be able to create NFS using their own HypeSaints NFT characters and assets. The HypeSaints team and collaborative artists will continually provide additional materials to assist holders with their co-creations.

Make the NFS

The NFS Maker Tool will be available to all HypeSaints Collections holders. After the creation has been finalized, it can be minted as a Story Cassette and distributed for sale, rental, and circulation.


We will embed AI capabilities and gameplay templates in the NFS make tool. This will assist users in quickly generating derivative content based on an idea and creativity, integrating it into gameplay templates. Some creative features may require the consumption of tokens.


Users can save their created stories as drafts or ultimately package them into story cassettes and publish them on the blockchain. Once deployed and published on the blockchain, the story cassette will exist permanently. Before publishing, users can also define the quantity and price of the story cassette.

  • The initial sale price is set by the creator, and of course, it can be free for fan’s experiment.

  • The maximum number of copies should under 500 pieces.


  • Sales revenue distribution: 75% for creator or owner, 15% for NFT artist(s), and 10% for HypeSaints team.

  • Buyers can experience the Story Cassette content indefinitely, and can be resold or transferred.

  • Buyers will become the stockholder of the NFS and will have the rental income dividend (income * 15% / number of buyers).

  • The rental price is set by the creator and is priced based on the renter's one time use fee.

  • Rental revenue distribution: 70% for creators, 10% for NFT artists, 15% for Stockholders, and 5% for HypeSaints Team.

Our mission is to prioritize the benefits of creators. As NFS is currently in development, necessary adjustments to the above ratio cannot be ruled out.

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