HypeSaints is a Mobile Game Console on TON with tokenomics.

We won the Launchpad S1 competition on MOOAR platform and successfully closed a seed funding round, with STEPN as our lead investor.

We introduce gaming console NFTs and NFS (Non-Fungible Stories) to enhance user experience, profitability, and creativity. NFS will be "On-chain Story Cassettes" that users can purchase, experience, sell, and rent. By engaging with the interactive content and gameplay embedded in NFS, users will obtain immersive experiences and earn tokens. These can be used to interact with the 'Story Cassettes' or for other activities.

In the end of 2024, with AI creative tools, users can create and price their NFS cassettes freely. And HypeGear will be a physical product in final, for gaming, allowing users to share computing power for earning and socializing.

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