The Worldview

A group of hipsters stumble on some mysterious extraterrestrial power from a gameboy-like digital Bible and acquired the capability of mind-rigging during game adventuring. But the power residing in their brains seems to have a will of its own.

The chapter of +revelation+ from the game reveals to Hipster Js that another secret group on earth have access to the same video game, and they are up to something evil. Now, Js and his friends are to seek out their enemies and stop the evil agenda before it is too late “The judgement day”.

Hipster Alliance


A street artist who looks much like Jesus. He identifies himself as someone who lives in the 80's. Synthwave and B-movie enthusiast. Spends his weekends treasure hunting at vintage markets or dumpsters to make art. He becames the savor by suddenly found the mysterious +Bible+.


A sophomore, religious history major, part-time DJ. She often over sleeps, but always manages to get to classroom on time riding her super motorbike. She's helping hype saints to find out the meanings of +the revelation+.


A programmer who loves outdoor activities. Randomly chooses his outdoor destination using a quantumly generated adventure game, and accidentally got the game cassette (Chapter#2) and acquired his extraterrestrial power this way. His cassette will be the key to help Js find clues of evil plan.

Bubble Gang

The Queen

The family of The queen is a well-known real estate tycoon in New York, but he has made his way into the fashion industry through his beauty brand. Together with BG and K, they built the Bubble Gang fashion empire. But as the story unfolds, hipsters discover that it seems Bubble Gang is somehow connected to a mysterious ancient religious group.


BG was once a member of a Kpop group. Later he turned to the trendy field and became a top influencer with the large number of fans of his, as well as fashion resources.


A well-known hiphop rapper, founded a fashion empire with his acumen to this industry. However, conflicts with his brothers led to collapse of the brand. And now, he is back with the Bubble Gang with The Queen and BG.

HypeSaints OGs


Dutch got powerful muscles and neat hands. He'll prepare you artistic SUSHI in his elegant bar. Also, he can explode like a beast in the fights. BTW, HE LOVES PINK!


She's anyone and everything! Man, you'll wake up too late and have empty hands. Hypnotized? Only because you see what you want. Shess! Thank God for making her! Remember today, the birth of Venus.


A detective who never seems to be busy.. Yet he always manages to unearth the most crucial evidence. Hiding beneath his dismal face is a passionate and affectionate soul with an uncanny ability to observe and understand the nuances of humanity.


An anonymous underground music producer behind many big names, even MJ! But we barely know about his true identity. Under those dazzling disguises, QUINCY conveys music and thoughts freely! He blurs lines between sexes, races, and more! Anything would light up the melody in that GREAT mind.

New characters will join us as the story unfolds.

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