Holder Events


In the world of HypeSaints, members of the Hipster Alliance and the Bubble Gang are in violent conflict. This will be reflected in the experiences of the community. After verifying their wallets on Discord, owners will be able to access faction channels to which their own HypeSaints belong.

In addition to hangout with your alliances inside of your faction based community channel, you can team up with your alliances to complete community based tasks to earn resources for your faction. Those resources will be crucial for faction based gameplay in the future, they will also rewards every single owner in that specific faction.


As the story goes on, the HypeSaints NFT characters' hidden forms are unveiled. S1 owners can transform NFTs into new forms using particular items.

In addition, use certain items will cause irreversible changes to the NFTs.

Transformation portal: https://www.hypesaints.xyz/transform/index/

Alien Party

Delayed to 2024. Participation is open to all HS NFT holders.

More gameplay to be uncovered as the upcoming plots proceed.

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