NFTs in HypeSaints are both crucial value assets and unique content. By continuously releasing fresh experiential content, we aim to attract an increasing number of mainstream entertainment users. They will engage in purchasing, consuming, and trading NFT assets, providing a more stable foundation for the economic system of HypeSaints and forming a substantial asset reservoir.

In HypeSaints, NFTnomic will revolve around three core assets:

Genesis Member Pass

This only includes HypeSaints Collection Series 1 and Series 2, as well as two derivative Alien series (6,766 pcs in total). Users holding these PFP NFTs become Genesis Members, who are the cornerstone of our community. Starting from the launch of the DApp, Genesis Members will receive ongoing airdrops and increased privileges.

Based on the quantity of held PFP series, Genesis Members will be divided into three levels, receiving varying continuous rewards:

  • Addresses holding 1-3 PFPs are considered Genesis Bronze Members.

  • Addresses holding 4-9 PFPs are considered Genesis Silver Members.

  • Addresses holding ≥ 10 PFPs or ≥ 1 T0 PFP are considered Genesis Gold Members.

T0 level PFP refers to the Galaxy version of PFP in the S1 collection, and the 1:1 PFP in the S2 collection.

Platinum membership is currently not available.

Currently confirmed privileges include:

  • Get Genesis HypeGear for free

  • Two more NFT airdrops

  • A priority access to HypeSaints DApp

  • Get NFS Maker Tool for free

  • Pre-order of collaborated series with artists

  • Discounts and right of first refusal of new collections

  • Earn points and redeem limited merchandises

  • Free access to online and offline activities

For more information about the collection, you can check out HypeSaints Collection.


The HypeGear is an essential accessory for users in the DApp, enabling them to engage in content experiences. Serving as a handheld companion pet, users can interact with it in the following ways:

  • Engage in conversations, interactions, issue commands, and dispatch it on adventures (earning rewards such as tokens).

  • Upgrade and customize HypeGear to make its appearance unique and enhance its attributes.

  • With a fully upgraded HypeGear, users can insert story cassettes for gaming experiences and earning rewards.

HypeGear is released in limited quantities each season, with only 5,000 available in the first season. We will control the supply based on market conditions and consider community feedback. Additionally, each season's HypeGear release will feature its own unique characteristics. We are actively collaborating with more artists and IPs, and plan to introduce collaborative editions of HypeGear in the future.

Story Cassette

NFS (Non-Fungible Stories) exists in the DApp in the form of 'On-Chain Story Cassette.' Each set of story cassettes represents an independent content experience (such as games, music, animation, interactive dramas, etc.) and is categorized into three qualities: bronze, silver, and gold. When users initially acquire a story cassette, it comes as a blind box, and upon opening the blind box, they will randomly receive one of the quality levels.

The content of the story cassettes is all related to the world of HypeSaints, including characters, scenes, stories, etc. We plan to launch the first story cassette in April, which will be a roguelike game. After that, we will release at least one official story cassette every quarter.

Each story cassette is released in limited quantities, and some will even have DLC content. Users can freely purchase and trade them. By the end of 2024, we plan to introduce the NFS maker tool, allowing users to create their own story cassettes. In the creation process, users can even include advertisements and bounties, then package, upload to the blockchain, and sell their creations.

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